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- Fone kiteboards under kiteboard section.
- call us for IKO-training lessons.
- get the ultimate RABBIT series, be part of the GANG!
- all F-One Bandit 8 Kites here
- 2015 Crazyfly Sculp, Tango Kites has arrived
- 2015 Xenon kiteboards has arrived
- Season  starts now contact us for KITE LESSONS !!!!

Learn Kitesurfing!

Kitoons offers IKO accredited lessons of all levels from beginners to advance level. At the end of each lesson/course, IKO certification cards are issued according to the students level of achievement. The cards are recognized worldwide and give you discounts in insurance, retailers, it also allow you to hire gear at rental centres around the world.

Asia's Best!

KITOONS is Asia's premium online Kite Surf store. For years we have served Asia only with the best kite stuff. We test it, prove it, sell it and care about it. KITOONS is specialized in the global scene's top range Kite Surf equipment. All our brands are known for high quality kites and boards and are manufactured from cutting edge designs and with state-of-the-art technology.

Kitoons Mission

At Kitoons we carry the best kites for both Beginners and Advance Kiters.
- At Kitoons we care about Quality.
- At Kitoons, we care about Service.
- Sharing Doubles the fun.
- Dont think Just do it.
- Explore, Define, Endless fun


Where Are We?


Kitoons Mission